Marathon #MLVerão2017

Hey guys, it’s been a while but I’ve been so busy with university! I am glad to be back, so I just saw this amazing summer reading marathon that I had to participate, it’s the #MLVerão2017. This marathon was created by Flames and Agora Que Sou Crítica, it starts by 18 of June at 23h59 and it ends by the 22 of September at 19h00. I am so excited with this marathon, I will be updating it by the week so next monday you can expect an update on this post.

The Challenges are:

1- Read a book in a foreign language: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

2- Read a book by a portuguese author: O Filho do Dragão by Sandra Carvalho

3- Read a book you bought a year ago: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

4- Read a child’s book: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S Lewis

5- Read a book published in 2017:  Umberland by Wendy Spinale

6- Read a book by a author you never tried: The last 7 months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer

7- Read a book recommended by a booktuber/blogger: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

8- Read a book with a short tittle: Evelhenescer by Pedro Chagas Freitas

9- Read a graphic novel/ BD/ manga: Death Note by First Volume

10- Read a book with less than 100 pages: The tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling

11- Read a book wrote by more than one author: Death Note – Second Volume

12- Read a book wrote before 1999: Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone by J.K Rowling

13- Read a book that won some kind of prize: O meu irmão by Afonso Reis Cabral 

14-  Read a book you borrowed from someone: Kafta on the shore by Haruki Murakami

15- Read that it’s in the National Reading Plan: A viagem do elefante by José Saramago

16- Read a book that takes place in a place where you always wanted to go: The Wrong Dide of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

17- Read a book that you planned to read em 2016 but ended up not reading it: See You by Nicholas Sparks

18- Read a book that has 15 letter title: Quando o Cuco Chama by Roberth Galbraith ( It has 16 letters sorry I couldn’t find one with 15 letters)

19- Read a book takes place in a European country: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

20- Read a book published before you were born: Sherlock Volume 9 (in my collection)

21- Read a book about time travelling: I don’t think I have one

22- Read a book to finish in a day: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 

23- Read a book with more than 500 pages: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Books in black: haven’t read yet

Books in blue: have read

Pages read: 2078

Completed Challenges: 8/23

There are also facebook/instagram challenges, that after completed add up to 5 pages to your final coutting:

1- Take a photo of the place you are spending your vacations (or if you don’t have vacations just take one at work)

2- Take a picture of a book in a very sunny day

3- Take a selfie with the book your reading with sunglasses on

I hope that all the people participating enjoy and have fun with this marathon. I will sure have some fun, and I will also read some books that have been waiting to be read for a long time and reduce my tbr.

Nerdy Bookworm

7 thoughts on “Marathon #MLVerão2017

  1. Estive a pensar em participar, mas maratonas muito longas não são para mim, descobri isso no ano passado 😛 Vou tentar participar na maratona 24 horas da Zoe do readbyzoe e na crashathon da ana do thebooktarian … isto é, se a escola o permitir, e não tiver que repetir nenhum exame, porque calha tudo nessa semana xD Boa sorte para a maratona! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eu nunca participei numa maratona, deixa la ver como corre 🙂 escolhi esta porque até é grandinha e dá muito tempo para ler os livros. Muito obrigada e boa sorte com as tuas maratonas espero que consigas participar nas que queres 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Obrigada!! O ano passado participei numa maratona de Verão organizada pelo creepysantos e correu muito bem porque era longa, então lia um livro por semana. Na semana passada participei na crashathon e foi uma correria! haha Boa sorte para ti também! ❤


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