Title: Wokini

Author: Nicholas Sparks & Billy Mills

Pages: 176

Publisher:  Hay House Inc


Synopsis: “Wokini”, translated from Lakota, means “seeking a new beginning” or “seeking a new vision”. This book will teach you about yourself, show you what it means to be happy, and lead you on your own personal journey to feel more satisfied in your life. In Wokini, you will find the key to peace of mind and self-understanding. “Wokini” is a blend of modern therapeutic principles, positive thinking; self-awareness; and Native American beliefs in meditation, thought, dreams, and respect for the harmony and balance of nature.

This book was THE book that helped me when I was struggling. At his own way Nicholas Sparks showed me the true meaning of happiness, how to seek it, how to feel it, how to achive it.

Many of you may think that because it’s a Nicholas Sparks’ book it’s a romance, it’s not. This is a story about a boy named David who just lost sister and lost his way. As his dad encourages him he goes on a long trip seeking for a way to be happy again, during his journey David learns a lot of lessons, but can he be happy again?

This book made me question, am I really happy? Deeply? Truly? Madly? No, of course not, but why not? Why can’t we be truly deeply madly happy? Because we keep doing it all wrong. Happiness comes from inside, and that’s the lesson David wants to learn on his long journey. What about you, are you happy? Or are you still on your journey towards it?

I give it 5 stars, but I wish I could give it infinite stars because you can’t put a “price” on happiness.


Nerdy Bookworm


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