2017 Goals

Reading Goals

  • Read 35 books: Due to university I don’t know if I can manage to read more than 35 books but I hope I can achieve this goal and maybe even read more than those 35 books.
  • Books on discount: This year I am only buying books on discount (20% up of discount), it’s a good way to control addiction to buying books. I really need to read the ones on my tbr, I don’t want to pile up unread books on my shelves.
  • Re-read Harry Potter:  I ordered the complete Harry Potter box set from book depository, I am waiting for it to arrive so I can dig in (once again) in the Harry Potter world.
  • Finish my series: I have 3 incomplete series that I have to finish before I start new collections, “The Mortal Instruments” ( I have all the books but I still have to read the last two, I am currently reading “City of Lost Souls”), “A saga das pedras mágicas” (this series has 8 books, I have 6 of them and I have read 5 of them) and finally ” The Chronicles of Narnia” (I have only one book and I have read none).

    Life Style Goals

  • Get my license: I am currently taking my car license and I hope I will finish it soon.
  • Organize my study: I need to organize my study better, I am already doing it and it seems to be working. Now that I know more less how I have to study in college things are going better.
  • Exercise more: I wish I had time! I made a promise to myself: when I finish taking my car license I am gonna start going to the gym, I have one near my house that is perfect. The installations are new and it has everything you can imagine.
  • Stop eating junk food: It’s true I eat so much junk food, I need/want to have a more healthy life style towards to food. There are so many healthy and delicious things and I am going to start cooking them.
  • Zero Waste: I am trying to adopt a zero waste life style. Basically it consists on reducing as much as you can the garbage you produce. I still have to research about it but I am definitely going to adopt this life style this year.

Blogging Goals

  • Be more consistent: sometimes I am weeks without posting, and other times I post like 3 posts in one day. So I am going to try to post 2 times a week.
  • Improve my posts: I need to start taking pictures and edit them to post them here. Start making more beautiful and consistent heading images. I need also to improve my writing, but as English is my second language it’s going to take some more time but I am getting there.
  • Answer tags: I have so many tags to answer, but I am going to answer them all I promise!

And I guess that’s it, what are your goals for 2017?

Nerdy Bookworm


8 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. Temos mesmo alguns em comum 😉
    Se vivessemos perto uma da outra, era fácil motivarmo-nos em relação ao exercício 😛 Ainda tenho que arranjar uma solução para isso haha
    Também gostava de tirar a carta este ano, apesar de não ter acrescentado isso à minha lista (não é algo em que tenha muita pressa, mas preferia começar agora do que depois de entrar na faculdade, porque acho qe vou estar mais ocupada 😛 )
    Boa sorte com os teus objetivos, tenho a certeza que vais conseguir ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Obrigada querida Marta! Realmente dava-me jeito alguém aqui perto para me motivar em realção ao exercicio xD Sim aconselho-te a tirares antes da faculdade, estarás mesmo mais ocupada. Eu só estou a tirar porque me vai dar imenso jeito aqui na cidade nem que seja só para ir ao supermercado e não vir carregada no metro/autocarro. Desculpa pela demora a responder, como sabes tambem não postei no instagram por uns tempos e andei um bocado instavel, tu sabes porque

      Liked by 1 person

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