Partnership – Palavra Padrão

So if you follow my instagram you may know that I recently partned up with a cute portuguese shop called “Palavra Padrão” (I will put the links down bellow).

So it all started when a cute girl named Daniela came to me asking if I wanted to partner up with her store, I said yes of course. She has so many beautiful items, some of them related to books, how could I refuse? To celebrate our partnership she sent me a very cool bookmark:

15276572_1322494111134984_1502334424329486336_n.jpg The Walking Dead fans show yourselfs

When I saw it I couldn’t resist and I bought one to offer my sister:

15403509_1537591209589986_2261783203171794944_n.jpg Star Wars fans where are you?

Besides bookmarks, you can also find in the store:


Little Jar with Poems

And many other things


She makes personalized stuff as well, you can choose an item from the store or just talk to Daniela about personalized items, I promise she is a very sweet and nice person.

Contact her trough:

Instagram: palavra_padrão

Facebook: Palavra Padrão

Nerdy Bookworm 


2 thoughts on “Partnership – Palavra Padrão

  1. Há coisas tão giras lá *º* Eu fiquei completamente apaixonada pelos colares de harry potter (que choque 😛 ) e um marcador que está numa foto que ela recentemente publicou no facebook: o tecido é cor de rosa e depois tem dois pendentes de HP também haha I’m both obcessed & in love ❤

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