The Peculiar Tag

This is a really fun tag, thank you Ana from The Girl Who Reads Books for tagging me.

This tag was created to celebrate the release of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” movie. It was created by Jesse The Read.
This tag was brought to the blog world by Caçadoras de Spoilers  (I think).
So let’s do this!

1) Abandoned House: A book that you abandoned but you end up giving a second chance.


But I ended up not liking it anyway, someone spoiled me the end of it. And I think this author’s writing is so old that it’s difficult to understand some expressions that are no longer used in the Portuguese language. For those who never heard of it, this is really old a well known Portuguese book, that everyone has to read for school. In english I believe that the title is “The Maias”.

2) Vintage Pictures: A Book that you wanted to see illustrated

I would die if they illustrated “The Mortal Instruments”! I love this series (I still have to read the last two but I love it anyway). It’s one of favourite series and I would love to see them illustrated.

3) Loop: A series you wouldn’t mind reading over and over again

I would read them over and over without getting tired ❤

4) Peculiar Children: An ability of a character that you would like to have

Catelyn and Edwina’s magic, they ability to control their magic is amazing and their magic itself is amazing!!

5) Mrs Peregrine: A favorite character that is a leader


Pete totally stole my heart, he can have some flaws but who doesn’t? That’s what makes him unique

6) Jacob: A story where a normal boy discovers a new world


Harry Potter, what else?

7) Emma: A brave character


Thora is the bravest girl I’ve ever seen, she’s a warrior in a world where a girl being able to fight is wrong, girls are supposed to stay at home taking care of their children but that’s not the life for her. Did she accomplished the life she wanted? Read the book 😀

8) Millard: A book that looks invisible but should be read for more people


The tittle in portuguese is “Um grito de amor desde o centro do mundo” and it’s the most beautiful book I’ve read! This book it’s just a love story, it teaches you so much about life.

9) Olive: A book that you bought and went straight ahead to the top of your tbr


I don’t need to explain it right? I had to read it!

10) Hugh: A book that you read that gave you so many feels


Looks cliche and silly but I loved this book, I cried so much and almost all of my cries were of happiness! I am writing a review on this one so stay tuned!

11) Enoch: A character you would bring back to life


You guys know what I am talking about, I don’t wanna give anyone spoilers.

12) Bronwyn: A physically strong character


Throst ♥

13) Hollowgast: A book that you read and you didn’t liked


I didn’t liked this writing in ” The Maias” but  I am gonna give him a second chance one day.

14) Wights: A book that looks like it used all the cliches you have already seen before


But I loved it anyway! Cried so much but loved it with all my heart

I tag

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