October 2016 Tbr

Because of university I know I will not have much time to read that’s why my Tbr is so small, I might start a third book this moth but I highly doubt I will finish it this month. The majority of day it’s occupied with classes, and I have to study also, and this leaves almost no time for reading.

So the first book I am going to read is “Os Três Reinos” by Sandra Carvalho, it’s a portuguese book from a fantasy series ” A Saga das Pedras Mágicas”. It’s the 5th book and I couldn’t be more excited about it! The series are one of favorites, and the last book’s final was not pretty so it only left me more curious.

The second book I am reading is ” An Abudance of Katherines” by John Green, I’ve heard a lot of good critics about it so let’s see if it’s that good. I love John Green’s books so I am sure I will love it. Hopes high for this one.

Have you read any of this books? Let me know your opinion 🙂

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6 thoughts on “October 2016 Tbr

  1. Adoro a escrita de John Green e amei Looking for Alaska, bem como The Fault in our Stars, já Paper Towns achei mediano.
    Até hoje não peguei no An Abundance of Katherines porque dizem que é o pior dele e tenho medo de me desiludir, só quero ficar com o bom! 😛 Aguardo a tua opinião e espero que gostes! 😀

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