[TAG] This or this?

Today I bring you a very fun tag, it’s also my first tag here in the blog. I hope you guys like it.

The tag’s name is “This or This” and I was tagged by The Girl Who Reads Books. The tag consists in a book battle, the books I am gonna use where chosen by the person who tagged me and the first book was the wining book in The Girl Who Reads Books battles. It’s supposed for us to choose the book we like more or the book we have most curiosity in reading.

If you have any doubts please don’t hesitate in commenting.


  • Mention the blog who tagged you in the beginning of your post;
  • The first book is the book that won the battle of the person who tagged you;
  • You have to follow the order of the book’s list the other person has gave you, explain why you chose the book;
  • Once you have your wining book, you chose 7 books for the people you tag.

1st Round: The Selection VS Falling Kingdoms

I want to read both of them, but “Falling Kingdoms” is a fantasy book and it sounds like the author created an amazing world so I am choosing that one.

2nd Round: Falling Kingdoms vs The Raven Boys

I am going to choose “Falling Kingdoms” again because the opinions I heard about “The Raven Boys” weren’t the best.

3rd Round: Falling Kingdoms VS Confess

I really want to try Colleen Hoover’s books but not as much as I want to try this universe that Morgan Rhodes has created.

4th Round: Falling Kingdoms VS The Girl on the Train

Well this is hard, but “The Girl on the Train” movie is almost going out here in Portugal I guess I want to read “The Girl on the Train” first so that I can I watch the movie as soon as possible.

5th Round: The Girl on The Train VS Never Look Back

I was never really curious about Lesley Pearse’s writing but I will try a book by her some day, for now I want to read ” The Girl on the Train”

6th Round: The Girl on the Train VS Everything Everything

This is a hard choice. I love a good old contemporary book but “The Girl on the Train” is a book that really  intrigues me, so Paula Hawkins’ book wins once again.

7th Round: The Girl on the Train VS Calendar Girl – July, August and September

First of all I want to read the first two volumes of “The Calendar Girl” before I read the Volume 3 so it’s an obvious choice, “The Girl on the Train”

Wining book:


My list of books:

1- ” The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks

2- “The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling

3- “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare

4- “Everland” by Wendy Spinale

5- “Death with Interruptions” by José Saramago

6- “Socrates in Love” By Kyoichi Katamaya

7- “Paper Towns” by John Green

I tag:

The Little Angie

A Cup of Coffee and a Book 


Watford Library

Só Mais Uma Página



4 thoughts on “[TAG] This or this?

  1. Adorei a tag!!! Muito obrigada por nos teres passado! 😀
    Da lista das várias rondas quero muito ler Falling Kingdoms e The Raven Boys e o único que li foi Confess, que gostei bastante! 🙂

    Quanto à lista que dos livros que indicaste, está respondido no blog! ^-^
    Grande beijinho!

    Liked by 1 person

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